About us

Welcome to Baba Zayed

The Baba Zayed program aims to inculcate in children Sheikh Zayed's inspiring goodness and values through storytelling and story writing. Children will be introduced to Sheikh Zayed’s Wisdom, Respect, Sustainability and Human Development work through simple and enjoyable stories, which will inspire them to follow the footsteps of Baba Zayed in their own lives.

The children will be encouraged to share the inspiring work they have done in the form a story. (To make things easy for children we’ve provided the format in the ‘submission’ section). Through this program children will be fine tuning their capability of storytelling and story writing in a fun and educational environment.

Selected stories (the community work done by children) will be converted as a children’s story book called “Baba Zayed” – Inspiration for Children. The book will be distributed free of cost in all schools, nurseries, libraries, cultural centers, social clubs and ministries all over UAE.